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There’s been some fanfare surrounding the Lake’s rise back above 10 ft. (view article)

But the bigger news to me — or at least the one that I’ve been eyeing for the past half year — is the Lake’s close in on 500 days below the 11 ft mark.

The Lake is now one week away from making it to 500 days below the 11 ft mark.

What’s the significance of 11 ft?

That’s the level below which most of the wetlands inside the interior walls of the levee go dry.

Below 10 ft, even the deeper potholes go dry.

So yes, the rise above 10 ft is significant; especially with it coming so early in the wet season.

Last year, it took all the way until October — the very end of the wet season — for the Lake to squeek above 10. The talk of the peninsula was that it could drop below 8 feet, even lower, before the wet season was throught.

But that dire prediciton never came true:

The Lake flat-lined at right around 10 ft for the next 6 months, until early May, thanks to a surprisingly wet dry season. I say surprising because the La Nina was supposed to make it a dry dry season.

How does this the Lake’s current streak below 11 ft compare to the 2001 drought?

In 2001, the Lake fell below the 11 ft mark for just over 200 days. That makes the current streak already twice as long as 2001, not to mention longer than a full calender year.

It will be interesting to see how much rain the Lake gets out of the depression that’s dropped so much rain in southwest Florida over the past few days. The forecasters mentioned it could pass over the Kissimmee Valley as it moves north.

You can view a historical calendar of Lake stage, color coded relative to its position in the littoral zone, from the 1930s to present.

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