10,000 cfs

How much is 10,000 cubic feet per second?

Per minute: almost 7 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth, and per day: just around 8 Empire State Building sized glasses full, or per year: about 1.5 Lake Okeechobee sized bowls of water.

In the event you want to catch a baseball game instead – and assuming it lasts 3 hours on the nose – 10,000 cfs will fill you up the area of fair play in Fenway Park (~2 acres) to the height of the Green Monster 33 times …

Or a little over 1 Fenway per out.

Which leaves two questions:

  • Why Fenway Park for south Florida?
  • And why 10,000 cfs?

The first one’s easy: No, I’m not a fan – I grew up with the Baltimore Orioles, but the Red Sox do hold Spring Training here in Ft Myers. As for the second: I’m not sure. Somebody just asked me for those numbers out of the blue, to which I obliged …

Probably for a structure, or a set of structures.

Rare is the hydrologic number
that doesn’t need converting in some way.

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