13 in 4 days

The Lake is knocking off milestones at such a fast clip, it’s becoming hard to keep track (or keep up)!
As of yesterday, The Lake is officially above 13 ft!
Consider that we waited around 73 months for The Lake to finally rise above 11 ft, and then 2 weeks later it rose above 12. Now, just 4 days after that The Lake is above 13. And don’t expect it to go down from there. Inflows are gushing in from all sides, with the Kissimmee leading the way with a 16,000 cfs flow rate.

That makes 14 all but an inevitability: the question isn’t if, but rather how fast, and how farther up it will climb from there.

And don’t look now, but The Lake has jumped up to the identical stage it was at in “late August” of 2004. That was the year that the 1-2-3 punch from Charley, Francis, and Jeanne shot the Lake over the 17 ft mark for the full month of October, and briefly over 18 ft in that span.

But who needs multiple storms when you have Fay. It made 4 Florida landfalls all by itself.
Which takes me back to Florida’s coastline:
1350 miles of it is just baiting trouble from the Tropics.

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