2-for-1 hydrologic sale

Why does Lake O rise so dramatically after a big rain?

a. Big rains fall on it twice: once (and immediately) as direct rainfall and again in the days and weeks ahead in the form of inflows, primarily the Kissimmee River, from the north.  Call it a two for one sale.

Just like that, the littoral zone wetlands are full.
Remember last summer when they were completely dry?

Or could it be:

b. It’s perimeter levee doesn’t let the water spread out, as it did in the days of unfettered sheetflow, into the Sawgrass Plain to the south.

c. Last I checked, the regulatory release gates (via the Caloosahatchee or St Lucie) were largely closed.

d.  Evaporation from the Lake no longer exists.


e. All of the above (except d.)

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