20-Yr Hydrologic Anniversary Report
Building a hydrologic baseline

Hydrologic monitoring just doesn’t happen.

It’s takes a lot of precision, team work, sweat equity (especially in the south Florida,) and perhaps the biggest chore of all – persistence. Hydrologic monitoring is the light at the tunnel that never ends.


That’s why when it comes to monitoring “milestones” are so important.

They give us a chance to reflect back on the past to see how far we’ve come, to review how the data is currently being used, and to look ahead into the future to refine our vision of where we want to go.

Twenty years ago Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve and the South Florida Water Management District embarked on a partnership with a goal of filling a void a in the hydrologic puzzle of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem where data was sparse or lacking scientific standards required by the water management community.

The results of that partnership are highlighted in this report.

Hydrograph of water depth in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve

Simply click on the cover page pictured above to read the full report …

Or, if you like, please feel free to print out a paper copy of your very own, which I think you will find to be a worthy addition to any Big Cypress Swamp enthusiast’s bookshelf or better yet for coffee table display. (Note: the report prints nicely two-sided, front and back.)

Thank you to everyone who has been involved from Day One to Year Twenty and now into its third decade ahead:

Baseline monitoring is a long road, but always worth it in the end.

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