32 degrees

How cold is Belgium?

Summers don’t even make it above 32 degrees!

And only for a few weeks of each summer do the temperatures consistently rise above 20 degrees. Even more perplexing, anything above 10 degrees is short sleeve shirt weather for a Belgian.

Of course I was wearing 2 long sleeve shirts on that day, and curiously looking at the thermometer. It read 15 degrees.

I say curiously because the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit is not second nature for me; I have to calculate it in my head each time.

To be sure, 32 degrees is not freezing on the Celsius scale.

On the Florida Fahrenheit scale it rings up at 89 degrees.

But 15 degrees is a different story.

That’s 59 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale,

And to a Floridian expecting summer time weather – Freezing!

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