60 day weather outlook

As indicated by the abundance of red on the map …
It’s been a dry “past 30 days” in south Florida.

Martin St Lucie rain HISTORYCoastal Palm Beach rain HISTORYWCA1&2 rain HISTORYCoastal Broward rain HISTORYMiami-Dade rain HISTORYUpper Kissimmee rain HISTORYLower Kissimmee rain HISTORYLake O rain HISTORYEAA rain HISTORY

WCA3 rain HISTORYEast Caloosahatchee rain HISTORYWest EAA rain HISTORYBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve rain HISTORYSouthwest Coast rain HISTORYSFWMD-wide rain HISTORYMartin St Lucie rain chartCoastal Palm Beach rain chartWCA1&2 rain chartCoastal Broward rain chartMiami-Dade rain chartUpper Kissimmee rain chartLower Kissimmee rain chartLake O rain chartEAA rain chartWCA3 rain chartEast Caloosahatchee rain chartWest EAA rain chartBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve rain chartSouthwest Coast rain chartSFWMD-wide rain chart

The map is interactive:

Just click inside the individual basins to view weekly, monthly, and yearly bar charts for each basin. Or you can click on the “dot” within each basin to view the historical period of record from 1950 to present plotted in calendar format. The calendar charts nicely highlight south Florida’s seasonal wet/dry cycle — 8 inches and higher of rain during the hot half and closer to the neighborhood of 2 inches during the dry cooler half.

As to what we can expect over the next couple of weeks …
Look for the dry pattern to continue for at least another 60 days.
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