“70 degree” milestone

We had a lot of hot days and warm nights this summer,

But that’s nothing new for south Florida.

The hottest daytime high recorded this summer at Naples Airport was 95º F.

The warmest night, 83º F.

(You probably weren’t outside in the dark at 4 am to experience that mark, but more than likely your air conditioner was – running in rapid cycle all evening long.)

When will the air conditioner’s shut down?

Not any time soon.

But we did get our first dose of drier air, just in time for the start of October.

It was unmistakable, if not also not all that remarkable – but it was big enough crack an important “end of summer” milestone:

The “early morning” mercury dropped below 70º F for the first time since late May.

That adds up to a 4-month consecutive streak of +70º F nights and near 90º F days.

The air was blowing from the south today, raising the mercury back up with it, but make no mistake, it’s a sign that “cooler weather” season is approaching …

Or shall we say “less warm?”

After all, this is south Florida!

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