99 day forecast

Here’s the general Naples’ forecast for the next 99 days:
Lot’s of sun, not much rain, and periodic blasts of refreshingly cool and dry air from the north.
Currently, as I type, we’re getting some of that nice dry air.

Atlanta set a new record low this morning, with a night-time low of 34 F. Naples’ low was in the mid 50s in comparison.

We can expect a “warming trend” for the rest of the week.

Of course, that’s relatively speaking: if you’re looking at this graph from somewhere “up north,” you’d probably classify our entire winter as a “warming trend.”

Temperatures are relative wherever you are: cold defines hot, and vice versa.


But make now doubt, there has been a dramatic change in the temperature down here in Naples from a month ago. 
You can see that clearly in this Naples temperature chart. The summer routine of 90 degree daytime highs and 75 degree night-time lows has dropped down a notch to the 80 degree highs and 60 degree lows we are currently seeing …

Not to mention the drop in humidity.
And why only a 99 day forecast you may ask?
I’ve never been comfortable going a full 100 days. That’s reaching beyond the data.

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