A neat video … another example of capturing the …

A neat video … another example of capturing the ordinary in a wonderful way.

Thanks for visiting. I’d love to go see the polar bears (while there are still polar bears) up in Hudson Bay … your lucky folks! The train ride up from Winnipeg is supposed to be quite the experience … again, one I’d like to have under my belt.

Yes Canada is a big country … if only we had time and means to explore it more minutely. We keep hoping … one day. I do have a second blog where I put more scenery pictures up, of some of our walks … I also put everyday stuff up so if one isn’t interesting in that , skip that part … go for the photos … and tour more of our world than just the plants. I post on that one most every day.

I use a Canon G9 for portability but I can’t get the long shots that way.

My husband, by the way, is into weather!

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