A River Runs Through Us
Water is a part of who we are

How central is water …

In our lives?

Water is at the heart of who we are

Probably no other substance, baring oxygen and carbon, do we rely on more. We need oxygen to breath, chains of carbon to eat and water to drink. But water is a lot more than just subsidence. It courses through every element of our lives. A topic of some of the greatest art and the earth’s most scenic spots, water is the foundation of our collective identify and connection to nature. And I’m not talking about our ecologic connection. People are attracted to water in all its forms. Water is both nurturing and at times, even a threat. But most of all it is ubiquitous in our lives as individuals and a society, from a deeply-woven multidisciplinary sense.

You can’t be a good historian without also understanding water. Ecologists ignore water at their own risk. Theologians of all creeds embrace the sacred nature of the substance. Recreation and water go hand in hand. Water is the great shaper of our lives, both by force and us trying to harness the bounty it can bring, or the plague of famine its absence may forebode.

We are attracted to waters at sunset

We pray for rain to fall as much as we pray for the rain to stop when its flood waters crest against the levees we’ve built to hold it back.

In sum, water is more than a sum of its parts. It’s ubiquitous in all aspects of our lives and we identify as individuals and citizens of the earth.

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