A wrinkle in water?

Lake Okeechobee appears to have crested.

Could this be the beginning of its dry season decline?

The color coding
of this animated diagram …

Only time will tell:

The lake has a habit of rising quickly (i.e. in the weeks following a big rain) and going down slow week after week (after week) under the glare of the winter and spring sun.

With one notable wrinkle in the equation

Once every decade (or so), the Lake sees an “El NiƱo”-fueled rainy spring.

… matches the color-scheme
used in the hydrograph above.

The hydrograph above shows the current elevation of the Lake (blue line) relative to its 20-year historical stats (shading) and key ecological and operational thresholds (color coding).

Most notable on it is the Lake’s 4 foot jump in the weeks following the downpour from Isaac.

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