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The art (and need) of unofficial reports

Where can you find a good report …

On the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)?


The maps are particularly useful

Answer: You can’t. Or you could, if you enjoy reading through through what they call “The Yellow Book.” And don’t get me wrong: The Yellow Book contains a wealth of information, nor has it lost its relevancy over time. Even today, people continue to reference it as the bible of what is and is not included in CERP at the same time the original 68 projects and 4 feasibility reports it describes have morphed and evolved over time. But still: Back to the original question — where can you find a book on Everglades Restoration, or at least at thin tome that explains what it is and how it evolved in words that a layperson can understand.

With that in mind, I put together a summary report of a subcomponent of CERP called the Western Everglades Restoration Plan (WERP). It’s not meant to be official or even comprehensive, but rather organize thoughts about the project, its history and current state (as of 2020) feathered together with some useful photographs and maps.

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