Absolutely relative

All temperatures are “relative.”
Or are they?

Case in point is the cold air that’s descending on south Florida this week – another coveted week of cold air.

It’s our second of the year.

But is it cold?

Our first cold front, back in late October, was a record breaker. It set a new daily low of 47º F on October 29th, replacing the old mark set in 1943.

This week’s front isn’t projected to drop that low – but its staying power will be longer, with a full work week of daytime highs in the low 70s and 50º nights.

But what really made this feel like a cold one was the half a week of unusually warm weather that preceded it.

You can see that in the graph above.


But temperatures aren’t just “relative,” they can be “absolute” too.

Case in point is the graph below.

Tallahassee and Atlanta are forecast to drop below 32º F on Wednesday morning.

That’s freezing no matter how you look at it,
Both absolutely and relatively …
And especially if you are from Naples.

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