According to Wikipedia, there are two definitions …

According to Wikipedia, there are two definitions for monsoons. One is that they are seasonal prevailing winds. It seems to me that you can prove or disprove the existence of a monsoon in Florida by analyzing prevailing wind data.

The other is that a region can have a monsoon if it receives the majority of its rain in one particular season. In Florida, it is always seems to be raining. Maybe you can claim that, by this definition, Florida has a permanent monsoon!

Here in Arizona, we have a real monsoon (by both definitions). The prevailing winds start coming from the south, bring in moisture that triggers summer thunderstorms. This amounts to about half the moisture this area receives.

Some of us also call the most spectacular of these thunderstorms “monsoons”, even though we’re not supposed to 🙂

The NWS used to declare the start of the monsoon based on three days of dew points averaging at least 55 deg F, but they changed it to set dates, starting June 15th and ending on September 30th.


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