After Hours Time

Water doesn’t sleep at night …

Nor does a hydrologist (at least not right away).

animate drop sweater

And trust me, I know this for a fact:

One time I went out to a little creek at night, and the water was still flowing, just like it does during the day. And to my greatest surprise the water popped the question on me: “What are you still doing up?”

Okay, I’ll admit – that never happened (the stream talking to me part). But it does raise the question.

What does a hydrologist do at night?

Cowboy at the Campfire

After hours is that special time in the late afternoon, sometimes evening, when the day’s work is done and you’re ready to kick back around the campfire.

That’s why when I get home I like to gather my thoughts around the campfire. Sometimes its just me and my guitar. And yes, you guessed, sometimes the guitar talks back. My guitar actually hosts the podcast called Firelight Radio that I’m often featured in talking about the water. There’s other guests, too. But my guitar (not me) hosts the podcast.

What else is there to do around the campfire at night?

Singer/songwriter Bobby Angel will sometimes show up to sing a nature shanty. Then there’s the Cowboy at the Campfire from Campfire Park who always has something campfire-ish, or sometimes a stranger (soon to be a friend) shows up. Then there’s always the evenings that get rained out and that’s when our good friend the bookshelf comes in handy. The great thing about bookshelves is that most of the tomes within its realm are all “rereadable.” That’s just a fancy way of saying you can read them again and again (and again). Really, the point of After Hours and Go Hydrology is really to get back to the basics of things: water, campfire, and a good night’s rest. That’s really what the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is all about.

Nature Folk Movement (NFM) explained

So when does After Hours begin?

That’s a judgement call that changes with the day. What we can say is we know when it ends. That’s when my head hits the pillow and I finally go to sleep.

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