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Song of Week

There Goes Bob 3
At the crossroads between destroying and restoring nature

Nature is all around us …

And in our dreams.

Bobby Angel’s song about restoring nature

In this original song, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel explores the cross roads between the idealism of youth and the harsh realities of life, and in particular our relationship with nature. About those dreams: Sometimes those dreams inspire, other times they haunt. And each sunset is a promise to make it right the next day.

Stay on after the song to hear an interview with the artist.

Campfire Talk

Nature-friendly driver
Tortoise double passes slow-moving hare

What’s the right speed …

When you’re driving through nature?

Getting there fast is overrated

Answer: Somewhere between the velocity of the Tortoise and the Hare. And if we’ve learned anything from that fable: Going slower actually gets you there first. (Just ask the poor hare – he’s never won once! Once of these days the Hare is going to wisen up and challenge the Tortoise to a sprint.)

Reminder: Wherever you drive, forget to to keep a vigilant eye out for both, especially in roads that traverse conservation lands. Rabbits and turtles call those places home, and both too frequently are common roadkill.

Hare makes the headlines, but the Tortoise wins the race

Other advantages of going slow?

  • It increases your time to think and decompress.
  • More quality radio and audio book listening time.
  • You lead by example by showing other people how to drive.
  • Driving the speed limit is safer.
  • You probably save on gas.

P.S. And if run across any litter, pick it up. It does a place well to see it litter free.


Campfire Trilogy

Good summer read
Check out the movie trailer

If you are looking for a good beach read …

I highly recommend the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

The trailer may be its best sales pitch


For one, it’s an adventurous tale. Two, it’s a sprawling work that will allow you to really dig in. Three, it will inspire you to reconnect with nature and the natural history around you in a way you haven’t done before. And four, well, I cannot tell a lie – I also co-wrote the book.

Three books of the trilogy

One last note:

I highly recommend the paperback books. As they were written in the throwback style of Treasure Island, and meant to be thumbed back and forth in time, the Kindle just doesn’t do the trilogy justice in being able to connect the dots of all the story lines.