Air conditioners work overtime!

Florida’s hot noon-day sun is almost beside the point:

It’s the humidity come dark that makes summer so unbearable.

The gulf remains warm well after the sun sets (and into the fall.)

And also noisy:

Air conditioners run off and on throughout the night.

Daytime highs are dropping,
but warm sultry nights are still the same.

The calendar graph below shows a history of nighttime lows recorded at Naples Airport from 1940 to present. As you can see, summer nights have been warmer over the past ten years than the decades that came before.

Is that global warming?

I’d say yes if it weren’t for a similar warming trend in the 1940s.

A few nights (black dots) have stayed above 80° F!

Nighttime lows won’t consistently start dropping below 70° F until later in October, and some years – November. It’s hard to predict exactly when that will occur, but more than likely you’ll hear it first:

It’s the sound of silence in the Florida night.

Finally, the air conditioners get a break!

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