Alachua Sink one of many springs that have and rev…

Alachua Sink one of many springs that have and reversed its flow, it’s perched on the edge of the prairie at a higher elevation than the prairie basin. Sinkholes form as depressions and start out looking like pond depressions and collect water, a spring that stopped flowing has an area where water would have flowed away downhill from the vent. Sinkholes that started out as sinkholes have the ground at a higher ground completely surrounding the depression like a pond. If it weren’t for the canal that was dug along the side of La Chua Trail, the water in Paynes Prairie would only reach Alachua Sink during times of high water when the prairie is flooded. The canal was dug to drain the prairie and causes that Polluted water to flow up the natural lay of the land for a very unnatural instant recharge. It wouldn’t be so bad if only flood waters found their way to the aquifer, but during drought times the pollutants already in that water becomes condensed and the water flowing into our drinking water supply is many times the legal limits for many substances.

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