All-season sweater weather

Hold everything!

Just when you thought it was safe to put away the winter “sweater,” (no parkas needed here in south Florida) – here comes, at long last, another cold front.

Naples temperatures are projected to drop to their lowest level since early March.

Just how low?

Nighttime lows are projected to drop into the low 50s, with daytime highs dipping down to 70º F mark … for two consecutive days at least. That’s a big departure from the scorching weather we’ve been having over the past 4 weeks, during which only 2 days didn’t rise up or above the 80º F mark.

Even more telling was the nighttime temperatures. 

Talk about sultry! I kept tapping our mercury thermometer, but to my disbelief, the red line kept “hanging up” at the 70 º F line.

“Surely the mercury was sticking,” I kept trying to reassure myself, as I continued to tap.

As for the sweater:

Yes, be sure to take it out – we’re in for a bit of dry chilled air: but also make a mental note to keep it out this time. You need a sweater all year round in Florida, most of all during the summer.

That’s when it gets really cold inside because of the air conditioning.

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