Almost snow

It didn’t quite snow in Naples last week,

But the past three weeks have been punctuated by two deep descents toward the freezing line, the deepest of our winter dry season so far, 

And perhaps the last.

The official thermometer at Naples Airport stayed above freezing during both bouts – bottoming out at 33º and 35º F respectively, on the deepest nadir of each front.

But don’t forget, the polar plunge goes deeper and longer in the areas inland and “up peninsula.”

Water freezes at 32º F, but oranges don’t freeze until the mercury drops to 28º F.

Whether crops get damaged depends on duration, frost effects, local topographic position (cold air settles into low pockets), situation relative to upstream water bodies (which warms the air), and the old “one two punch” analogy of successive intrusions “setting the stage” for the big blow.

In Naples it was cold enough to cover the flower beds.

I saw that all around town, especially in the communities that feature flower beds at the entrance ways and median strips.

It sort of looked like snow if I squinted my eyes just right …

Almost, but not quite.
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