And the winners are …

I had the privilege of speaking about “The amazing Adventures of the Water Cycle” to the boys and girls of Palmetto Elementary School a few weeks back.

On Friday, I was invited back to congratulate the winners of the highly competitive and always fun “Water Cycle Drawing Contest.”

To my surprise we were “live and on the air” as part of the morning announcements.

The fourth and fifth graders running the show assured me that I wouldn’t need a script:

“The students use the teleprompter, but the adults don’t need it” one student assured me.

Five minutes later – with a “lights, camera, action: we’re on the air” – I was a deer caught in the headlights, fumbling for words to say, probably looking at the wrong camera, and alternately standing and ducking trying to get into the camera frame. 
Fortunately, an especially helpful fifth grader – obviously the producer – was running the show from behind the camera. He coached me to the right places and mouthed out what to say when I stumbled on a thought, or couldn’t find the right word.

Needless to say, I was impressed. The students put together a seamless, entertaining, and informative show.

My only regrets were that I couldn’t stay for lunch – it was Pizza Day — and that I didn’t have a teleprompter!

Before presenting the winners, I would like to:

(1) Give special thanks to the special events coordinator and teacher Ms. Ashley for inviting me speak to the children. She provided great feedback on how to custom-tailor my presentation for an elementary school audience.

(2) Congratulate the entire school. It’s Palmetto Elementary’s inaugural year. What a terrific building — inside and out — and what a great set of students, teachers and administrators. Not only were you a great audience, I couldn’t believe how much you already knew about the water cycle. 

The entire community can be proud.

Welcome to the watershed Palmetto Elementary!

And now, without further ado, the winners are …

(To be continued tomorrow!)

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