Apples and oranges

Is it apples to oranges to compare Florida to Belgium?

Florida is the sunshine state,
Belgium is a country of rain and clouds.

In Belgium it rains more often,
But it’s a steady “off and on … off on … off then on again” rain.

In Florida rain falls down by the bucket full,
More in an hour than Belgium gets all day.

Yes, Florida too has an “on/off” switch,
But it’s flipped on only once – in late May,
Then off again in October for the
Hydrologic darkness of the dry winter to come.

Belgium has more rain barrels,
And they use them every week.

There is no rain barrel big enough
To hold all of Florida’s summer rains, when they fall,
Or for long enough, when they are needed most,
In the winter dry season of sun.

Unless we get an El Nino,
As is predicted this winter

That could bring rain barrel worthy rains
(If you have them).

Are Belgium and Florida apples and oranges?

Both are fruits
They may be different
Around the edges,
But in their centers
Is water.

(Plus, both are indigenous to China!)

In my mind, as a hydrologist, that makes them 100 percent comparable.

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