April’s aqua incognito

We knew it was a wet winter,
But now we can finally make it official:

The swamp has moved into Aqua Incognito.

What I mean to say is that we’ve set a new “high water mark” for April.

Never before, in the past 20 years of record keeping, has swamp stage been this high this late in the dry season. Preserve-wide swamp stage is 15 inches higher than our late April norm and over 3 feet higher than last April this time.

Of course last year was a record dry season drought.

This year has been a “wet” dry season instead.

So wet in fact that – at least terrestrially – it may go down as a rare “Year without a Dry Season,” not unlike the watery winter half that sutured 1994 and 1995 into a single mega-season of flooding (with an exclamation point at the end with an especially “wet” 1995 wet season).

During a typical year the “wetting front” drops out of the pinelands in November, the marl prairies in February, the cypress in March, and the inner pond apple swamps by May.

This year the pinelands went dry early – in October – but that’s about it:

The rest of the swamp mosaic has stayed wet.

Only four more weeks the “meteorological” wet season will be here …

Terrestrially speaking – knee deep in a dome – it feels like it never left.

Click HERE to see a rainfall chart for your basin.

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