At 70+ years, I'm amazed at how many Americans…

At 70+ years, I'm amazed at how many Americans have no clue about rain barrels….my mother had one, my grandmother had one, and guess what? I've got 2 in my back yard to collect rain water from my lanai roof. But, always make sure you keep your rain gutters clean! Your rain water can run only as fast as your gutters are clean…and stagnant water in gutters breeds mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus. Get my newly invented gutter cleaning tool at check out the 2 videos and see for yourself whether this great new tool will be the best tool you ever bought for keeping those gutters squeaky clean! Vacuum out debris while you stay firmly on the ground. Clean gutters brings cleaner water into your rain barrels for a cleaner clean-up. So, stay well, stay safe, and Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.

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