Average start out of gate

June rains mostly average
Rain Or Shine Report for July 1

Have the Four Meteorological Horsemen of south Florida’s atmospheregone out to pasture”?

It’s still too early to tell:

But word in from the wire is that this year’s June rainfall totals is … we were right around normal for most basins.
The Enhanced Sea Breeze typically does “go out to pasture” – at least to a degree – once we move solidly into July. That’s a result of more homogenous air blowing into the upper atmosphere off the Bermuda High and the westerly blowing Jet Stream moving farther north.

So June is a critical rainfall month – especially coming off of an extended drought – for getting a “fast start out of the gate” to the wet season.

Big Cypress National Preserve lead the way with 10.6 inches of rain, and the southwest Coast was also above 10 inches for the month, which may seem like a lot; but keep in mind that both areas average right around 10.5 inches of June rain.
Compare that to Lake Okeechobee that only received 7.1 inches of June rain.

That would be down right droughty for June in The Big Cypress, but not for The Lake: the 10-year June average over Okeechobee is right around 7 inches.

Why the drop off over the Lake?

The land surface heating and convectional updraft of air that is the basic building block of the Enhanced Sea Breeze is dampened by the cooler temperatures of the Lake’s surface.
But to answer the original question:

No, the horsemen are not out to pasture.

And the horsemen are not ponies (as shown in the photos)!

At least in Florida they are not … but in Belgium, maybe rains are a little more like ponies.

When it rains in Belgium, it’s generally just another gloomy (boring) day that you’re stuck inside, and even when its not raining there are enough clouds in the sky to keep you on the inside looking out.

But when one of the Four Horsemen rides across Florida: I wouldn’t classify it as a gloomy affair, it’s down right scary. The sky blackens, winds swirl and lightening crashes: you don’t so much “go inside” as you “take cover”.

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