Back below 15

Only two months ago — at the start of August — Lake Okeechobee was still below the “11 ft above sea level” mark … and at the tail end of its record-setting 511 day streak below that level.

The Lake looked like it was rising out of the cellar just like it did in 2001 (when it rose gradually through the summer and crested at 15 ft near the “wet season’s” end in mid November).
That scenario changed when Fay hit and the Lake topped the 15 ft mark by early September in record-setting speed.

Just like that it looked like the Lake “hopped tracks” over into 2004 chart-topping territory.
But those fears were premature … at least for now.
Lake stage has crested, and as of yesterday, it officially dropped a notch below 15 ft, down to 14.99:
It may not make it to 16 ft afterall.

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