Back to “GO”

Big winter rains do more than get the ground wet …

They rewind the water cycle clock!

In this case, we can rewind the “dry season” clock all the way back to “GO”

As in the start of November.

(November is the first full month of our traditional “atmospherically” dry half of the year.)

Swamp stage in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve is still down a half foot from our late summer peak, but its recent rise has splashed waters up above (by a nose) our typically “end of the calendar year” level.

That’s a world of difference compared to a month ago when waters had dropped to a twenty-year November low.

Last year’s “dry” dry season was an uninterrupted plunge to the bottom of the swamp barrel. (Continental fronts were remarkably rainless.)

This year’s fronts in comparison have been accompanied by upper atmosphere instability and moisture-laden air funneled in from the southern Jet Stream.

Minus evaporation (solar heating ebbs in January) means this water could hang around in the swamps for a while, and surely slow the drop.

That won’t make for a “white” winter solstice,

But it will be a “wet” one!

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