Bad graphs are easier and cheaper to correct than …

Bad graphs are easier and cheaper to correct than bad trips, however.

Just returned from the Keys and Naples, and enjoyed the Naples offerings considerably. Alas, the Ridgeport Pub is R.I.P., but apparently it ended up becoming rather seedy towards the end. And geeze, dude, what is with the obsession with TVs in your neck of the woods? Scary…

After a trip through the Everglades, stopping at the Fakahatchee Strand Nature Preserve State Park, Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk and Turner River Canoe Launch, I stopped in Naples and took a tour of the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve land with a volunteer guide and visited The Naples Preserve where I saw a wild honeybee hive and several gopher tortoises. The motel was across from the Coccohatchee Estuary and took a pontoon boat trip through the estuaries into the Gulf and rented a Kayak the next day. Then it was the Corkscrew Preserve. I should have stayed in the Naples area, because the St. Pete/Tampa/Gainesville legs were mostly horrible. Who’d have guessed that Spring Break, Bike Week, and something called Gator Nationals would all occur on my trip – what a waste.

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