Balmy winter (so far)
Unless you go a few hours north

It’s not often that you get …

Summer storm clouds in December.

High and low temperatures in Naples and Gainesville, FL

But for much of December, morning fog gave way to puffy white cumulus clouds that by mid afternoon were showing vertical growth. More than just growth, they were giving us spot showers and then blowing west and causing more rain in Naples at night. Hey, I’m all up for a rain shower — but I like my dry season, too. Here’s to hoping that January has some solid and lasting cold fronts in store. I’m ready with my scarf and hat so bring it on!

Caveat: I’m not saying “Gainesville Cold.” That might be a little too frigid for my taste, although I have a fleece, too, that I can pull out if need be. (See chart above)

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