Battle of big rain months

Make no mistake:
Fay broke all the single day records, call it the biggest of the “Big Rain Days.”

But the biggest “Big Rain Month” in town is still June of 2005.

You can see that in the graph below.
What was it in June 2005 that gave us so much rain?

The tropics weren’t the story in June of 2005 … at least not yet.

(Eventually, hurricane season did “kick on,” and it was a doozy by any measure … bringing us Wilma, New Orleans Katrina, and east Texas Rita … and, when all said and done, burning through the Alphabet A to Z and moving on to Greek nomenclature … and even “calendar busting” into January of 2006 before finally breathing its last hurrah in the form of Zeta.)

The early start to the 2005 wet season came at the hands of a persistent low pressure trough that got stuck off shore out there in the gulf, and which kept pumping steady pattern of “all day” rains on shore.

June 2005 was the off-shore version of what Fay did first hand.

Naples and Ft Myers got the brunt of it.


That month started rainy right out of the gate, and ended the same way.

It was a microcosm of the 2005 wet season at large:
Starting early with a 20 inch June (10 inches is normal),
And ending late with a late October dowsing from Wilma.

But it wasn’t any one big rain day that made the month.

It was the steady pattern that had us all scratching our heads, and amazed at the final tally when the numbers came in. Some gages recorded up to 30 inches for the month.


Compare that to August of 2008. Fay’s big rain day pretty much made the month.
Take it away, and it’s a Mini Rain Month.

Hurricanes do that: they disrupt the pattern of sea breeze and convectional heating that bring us our bread and butter storms.


That’s the hidden story of 2008:
Our low rainfall tallies after Fay’s passing.

Which lead us up to where we are now:
With not much rain,
And water levels falling fast.

We’ve crossed the great divide into the dry season beyond, that — during the wet season — was a distant dream.
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