Battle of the sunsets

Where are sunsets are more scenic:

Florida or Belgium?

Belgian sunset, circa 9:45 pm

As senseless a debate it may seem – a sunset anywhere given the right array of clouds and light and from a proper position (say a hilltop or on the water facing west) is pretty hard to beat – if also ephemeral, other than perhaps the futile attempts of those silly enough to try as they might with cameras and lenses to capture what of them they can to then upload them for viewing onto a computer.

It’s never the same.

But my view on it is this:

Summer sunsets go to Belgium.

Summer sunsets in Belgium
are slow as a slug

For one I’m there to see them (and from a pretty good hill I might add). Second is duration. Not that you have to pay by the minute – no that’s not it – but in terms of getting the most bang for your buck (or Euro as it may be), I’ve been sitting here for the better part of an hour (it’s 10:15 pm) watching the bending of light at the horizon unfold.

Finally by 10:40 pm it will be completely dark.

But not to worry – the sun is back up again at 4 am.

(That makes curtains essential if you want to sleep in.)

People travel from all parts
of the globe to see a Naples sunset

Winter sunsets of course go to Florida …

Particularly if viewed from the waterfront looking west.

But don’t be late!

These are “early bird” specials.

You’ll want to have your chair set up by 5:30 pm sharp.

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