Belgian-grown bananas?

We have banana trees in south Florida …

But not many bananas, or not always.

Florida-grown bananas, but can they last the freeze?

That’s because they 14 consecutive frost-free months to ripen.

A freeze can ruin the whole bunch.

If you can believe it they also have banana trees in Belgium. Or at least one (shown below), presumably being grown as a summer ornamental. Whether or not they repot them and bring them inside for the winter or alternatively if we here in Florida try to cover them with cloth to stunt the bite out of the early morning frost is the small-scale story of saving a bunch or two.

Belgian-grown banana tree, but for how long?

Compare that to the grove-eating blight that’s wasting away the primary grocery-store variety of banana: the Cavendish. I eat two of those per day. Or compare that to the fact that Belgium is talking about splitting into two because the Dutch and French speaking halves don’t see eye to eye.

Belgium and bananas were two things I used take for granted:

Then I got my last issue issue of The New Yorker and it broke the news, not once but twice, or rather both — the bananas and Belgium.

Here’s to hoping that Belgian-grown bananas find a way to hang around.

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