Belgian heat

My old saying was –

“The coldest winter I’ve ever spent (since living in Florida) is a summer in Belgium.”

So much for old sayings!

While I can’t say it’s been oppressively hot – it hasn’t been cold either …

And some moments in the midday sun you could even characterize as “Florida-like.”

But that’s losing sight of the forest from the leaves.

The bigger picture is that:

  • Coolness is a step away into the shade,
  • Night is a reliable retreat out of the daytime heat,
  • And guaranteed you’ll need a “jacket” to keep warm at some point during the week.

That last point sort of rings a bell:

It reminds me of the “fleece” we keep handy come winter in Florida for those bitter cold days that don’t rise above 70° F.

Maybe that means my old saying still applies, no?

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