Belgian rains

Does it rain equally and all the time in Belgium?

Its reputation after all is just that …

And certainly more than “sunny” Florida, right?

But the graphs don’t lie:

Florida outscores Belgium by a total of 55 inches to 33.

Or do they?

When you factor in evapotranspiration (i.e. how much water the sun and plants soak up) the score starts to even out. That’s because Florida is very close to the Tropic of Cancer – or in other words it has a big fat sun staring it in the face every day … especially during the spring and summer.

Belgium is perched up in the softer light of the northern hemisphere’s upper reaches.

But don’t forget it stays lighter longer in Belgium.

That makes way for a pretty lush “green out” come summer,

And some gargantuan crops from the garden.

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