Belgium abandons metric system?

As if the language gap wasn’t already confusing enough,

All the hydrologic scales are out of sync, too.

Theoretical precipitation
as viewed on a map

Fortunately I found this map of yearly precipitation averages for the European continent – only it was in millimeters instead of inches. My two options were to try to switch my mind into thinking in metric or switch the coding intervals on the legend.

Not surprisingly I chose the latter.

Anywhere in light blue (i.e., Brussels) and green (i.e., Paris) gets about 25-35 inches and anywhere you see coded yellow (i.e., Berlin) and orange (i.e., Madrid) gets between 15-20 inches.

Actual rain as observed in Eupen, Belgium

Florida averages 55 inches of rain per year.

Or as seen on this map, squarely in the dark blue (i.e., Alps.)

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