Best drought index?
Why KBDI is in the mix

We know drought exists …

We’re just not sure how best to measure it.

KBDI is a drought index used by fire fighters across the Southeast, and beyond. The Florida Forest Service divides the state into 15 Fire Districts and uses radar-derived rainfall to calculate the KBDI on a daily basis. I think it’s a great way to look and compare drought levels across the state. For example, the current condition is drier than a month ago, especially for the peninsula, but not as dry as the same time last year.

Drought is actually in the eyes of the beholder.

Meteorologists, agriculturalists, fire fighters and water managers all have vary ways of looking at drought. The thing is: not all indices cover every base, and each is flawed in its own way.

Sweetwater from April of last year

The one thing we can say for sure:

The best drought measuring stick is the one you have.

Even if it’s a rock in a pond in your backyard!

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