Better late than never?

While Corkscrew struggles to salvage a wet season at all,

WCA2 on the east side is lapping up at the top of its historic range.

This hydrograph shows current water stage in Water Conservation Area 2. The dotted white line shows the long-term median stage.  The color coded shading in the background places the current stage relative to the 20-year statistical record and ecoyhydrologic vertical classifications.  One unique aspect of WCA2 is the wider fluctuations in water level from wet to dry season in comparison to WCA1 and WCA3 to the north and south, respectively.

The reason?

Rainfall seems to explain most of it. WCA2 was in the unexpected epicenter of Isaac’s outer bands. The result was over 18 inches of August rain. (The long-term average for that area is just six.)

But there is good news at Corkscrew, too.

Water finally broke above the staff gage’s lowest mark.

Better late than never:
Corkscrew finally gets some water,
but the rainy season is almost done.

The only caveat is that the summer rainy season only has 3 weeks left.

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