Beware of water levels!

Here’s a couple panoramic views inside a cypress dome …

Each photographed about three months apart.

The top photo was taken in October 2010 and the bottom one at the exact same spot in the middle of January before our recent big rain day, our first of the year.

Simply click on the photos to see a larger view.

Three things of note:

(1) On the left side of each photo, in the background behind the cypress, shows the shadeless realm of the “higher” marl prairie which envelopes it on all sides.

(2) On the right of each photo is the center of the dome. In this case it isn’t pond apple or marsh, just a deeper patch of open water which I’d call dry season refugia if by January it hadn’t already gone dry.  During the summer its over knee high deep and during the winter its the last spot to go dry.

Third, watch out for the snake!

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