Big Cypress BOUND
Bobby Angel's 3rd Studio Album

I could have done it on a podcast …

Or even sent out a fancy press release.

Bobby Angel’s campfire concert in the heart of the Big Cypress, and release of his 3rd studio album

But when it came right down to it, I really couldn’t rationalize announcing the release of my new album Big Cypress Bound any place other than at a campfire concert event in the heart of the swamp. This album was a long-time coming as much as it happened all of a sudden, really in the course of a week, without me even understanding what was going on. The catalyst? Let’s just say a domino fell. And then another. And then one more. Before I knew it I had 11 songs.

More about the album, directly from Bobby Angel’s press agent (i.e. that’s basically Bobby Angel wearing his agent hat):

About the Album: Big Cypress Bound is Bobby Angel’s third studio (some say “campfire”) album. Big Cypress Bound picks up where The Green Album and New Pangaea left off, and this time with a twist: Could this be the singer/songwriters last album in the flooded countryside of the giant trees that he’s called his home for the past twenty odd years? Pivotal to answering this question is the interpretation of the term “bound.” The some 11 songs on the album (and the interviews afterwards) explore his connection to the Big Cypress and what may lie ahead. Or is it just a yearning for a simpler way of life? As usual, Bobby Angel lets you be the judge.

More about my albums: (1) In the Nature Folk tradition, I weave story telling into my songs. Thus the songs are separated by interviews about the song where I tell what the song is about. (2) My albums are YouTube playlists. As you’ll see below, you can either listen to the full album front to back or pick out individual songs and interviews to listen, too. Just like an old vinyl record if you remember those days.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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Bobby Angel Tidbit: Bobby Angel’s highest grossing (i.e most views) song is Ballad of a Florida Panther.

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