Big (Cypress Nat’l Preserve’s) day in the sun?

I am not here to blame the author.

It is a common mistake.  Too common in fact.

The photo that made Popular Mechanic’s
list of the Top 50 Parks was taken somewhere
along Loop Road, in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve.

Many tourists who travel Loop Road proudly report it to be their “favorite part of the park,” i.e. Everglades National Park, only to discover later they are in fact in Big Cypress National Preserve.

And I can’t tell you how many books and other promotional posters on the Everglades feature views of scenic cypress trees usually taken in Big Cypress National Preserve and mis-caption it as the Everglades.

The reason?

It’s part cartological confusion.

But lets also face the facts:

There are too many scenic spots to count in the Swamp
(Panoramic from cypress to pop ash/pond apple)

The scenery in the swamp is nonpareil.

Think about it: nobody ever pens an article on the Big Cypress Swamp and accompanies it with a photo of the Everglades characteristic saw grass.  Why: the River of Grass is simply not as scenic.

I‘m not here to deny the Everglades its day in the sun.

But let’s not forget or confuse it with the Big Cypress Swamp.

Winter wonder land
(Not snow, periphyton)

For too long too many people have done exactly that.

At the peril of the ecosystem I might add.

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