Big foam day

There’s been no snow this winter in Naples,

But we did have a “big foam day” at the beach.

A cold wind was blowing in from the northwest.

That flavored the surf with a cappuccino-style froth, which then slid up on shore and globbed up in little piles on the wet sand “shivering” in fright in the unstable air.

Soon thereafter that foam met its demise by being plucked into the air and propelled south, rolling like tumble weeds on the desert floor …

Then disintegrating.

What made it so frothy?

The primary cause was physical – the wind, even if water chemistry was presumably a factor too (i.e., organic matter).

The wind was so strong that it “fast forwarded” the first half of our footsteps much farther than we anticipated. (We started our walk to the south.) It was only upon turning back north for our return, finding ourselves face first into a stiff headwind (all the while foamy tumble weeds flying by in the opposite direction), that we realized our miscalculation.

The flat surface of Naples Beach never seemed so steep or elicited so many shivers.

It was only foam and barely cold (by northern standards),

But through my squinting eyes – on that day:

It sort of looked like snow.

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