Big League rains – “Yankee style”

Does Florida’s water cycle mimic Major League Baseball?

Spring Training, among other places, is featured in Florida,

And baseball teams famously start the season on equal terms – all in first place.

The same can’t be said for the Everglades, at least not this spring:

A record slump, in the form of a drought – the deepest in two decades – dropped the wetted wild lands into a dry season decline that seemed insurmountable:

Summer showers would have to “fill up” that hole before they could “spill out” into the swamps.

But then came epic May rains which splashed water stage up before even the sea-breeze fed rains got started,

Meanwhile the “hot teams” of spring (think Boston Red Sox) “cooled off” as the summer grind proceeded.

Major League Baseball’s “marathon” regular season (162 games – that’s 6 months) plays out in concert with the south peninsula’s sweltering summer “wet season” of humidity and rains (May to October – also 6 months).

Day after day, game after game, both plod along …

Only ending – and finally – with post season play in October and early November, followed later in the month with hurricane season’s official end.

Post season fire works were reserved for the Yankees, thanks to “Game 6” heroics by Hideki Matsui.

(South Florida’s 6th month of the wet season – October as counted from May – was notably absent, thanks to a remarkably quiet Tropics.)

As for the other 29 teams, they buckle down for the long cold winter to come, but are too perhaps buoyed by visions of swaying palms and renourished swings in Spring Training that awaits and the Grapefruit Leagues that beckon …

And the mantra, of course, that “we’ll get ‘em next year, you’ll see!”

Meanwhile, Florida is quenching its thirst by another fruit – a Pineapple Express – which by way of the Pacific has brought a dry season drenching to the Yankee’s spring training home.

Congratulations to New Yorkers everywhere,

And the Grapefruit Leaguers down in Tampa, Florida where it all began:

The New York Yankees are World Champs,

And Tampa’s multi-year drought has finally drawn to a close!

Happy New Year everyone!

Celebrate safely.

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