Big Rain Day Strikes!

Wednesday was more than just another rainy day:

It was south Florida’s third Big Rain Day (BRD) of the year.

This calendar chart reports daily rainfall for south Florida from 1992 to present by three categories: No Rain Days, moderate dose of regional rain day, and Big Rain Days (BRDs).  We’ve not had three BRDs for the year.  This last one jump us out of drought. 

The long-term annual average is 5 BRDs per year,

A full 20 percent of which have historically occurred in June.

The bar chart above reports the monthly frequency distribution of Big Rain Days (BRDs) as calculated from 1992 to 2013.  June has the highest frequency of BRDs, almost one in five.

A BRD is defined as any day that south Florida average an inch or more rain over all of its basins.  That means it has to rain a lot everywhere, and especially on the Big Cypress Swamp.

It’s received over four inches of rain in the past week.

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