Big rain days o’plenty

We could spend the next twenty years …

Debating the fine points of what constitutes a really rainy day in south Florida.

Chart showing number of Big Rain Days (BRDs)
per year in south Florida, 1992 – 2016

Or we could use common sense and defer to the unofficial standard, as follows:

A Big Rain Day is any day in which an average of one inch (or more) of rain falls across all of south Florida.

By that metric, we just received our 8th Big Rain Day of 2016.

To put that in perspective,

  • We average 5 BRDs per year.
  • We had 3 BRDs last year
  • In 2005, we had a whopping 10 BRDs
  • Our biggest BRDs were Mitch (1998), Fay (2008) and Isaac (2012)

Historic calendar graph showing seasonal distribution of (1) insignificant rain days, (2) moderate rain days, and (3) Big Rain Days in south Florida, 1992-present

I am especially proud to report that I got soaking wet on this particular rain day.

Not to worry: I eventually dried out.

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