Big rain month proves elusive

Where have the Big Rain Months gone?

This wet season has notably produced none.

The chart above shows monthly rainfall totals across south Florida, as computed by SFWMD, from 2005 to present.  Wet and dry seasons are easy to see.  Any month in which over 9 inches of rain is recorded on average across all of south Florida is a Big Rain Month.  Any month that produces less than an inch across south Florida falls in Drought Month territory.

The result is that this year’s wet season rain totals are down.

Last wet season we had two consecutive Big Rain Months in June and July. The year before, Isaac propelled August 2012 into the airy Big Rain Month realm. And then the year before that in 2011 we had a relatively rarer (but always welcome – barring the winds) Big Rain Month October. What is a Big Rain Month you may ask? Formal Definition: A Big Rain month is when more than 9 inches of rain on average falls on all of south Florida, from the Kissimmee down to the Everglades and on both coasts.

Basin by basin wet season totals are shown in the table below.

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