Big Rain Month repreive

Where have all the Big Rain Months gone?

We didn’t get one this year, but that’s not all that unusual …

Only seven have fallen in the past 11 years.

Big Rain Months (i.e., a month of District-wide rainfall in excess of 10 inches) are usually the accumulation of many Big Rain Days (i.e., a day of District-wide rainfall in excess of 1 inch). Or sometimes it just takes one, as in August of 2008’s Tropical Storm Fay. Sometimes we get two Big Rain Months in a row (August and September 2004) and sometimes we get a Big Rain Month that is almost worth two (June 2005). Sometimes we go five years with only getting one (July 2005 to present).

Big Rain Month or no Big Rain Month, this year’s wet season was below normal, and short. It ended early with a dry October. This October is only one of three in the past five decades that recorded under an inch of rain District wide. The catch is that all three happened in the past ten years.

How dry will the dry season be?

Just as our wettest wet seasons need some dry season help (whether it be tail-end tropical moisture in the fall or a wet spring before), our dry seasons get the driest when the wet season under performs or ends early.

This year both apply, plus the La Niña to come …

It could get pretty toasty out there!

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