Bird in flight

Here’s a short video clip of some shore birds in flight at Naples Beach.  

Similar scenes play out all the time across Florida’s 1200 miles of coastline, from Key West to Pensacola Beach.
If you are a beach comber, or just a traveling tourist passing through, or if you ever as a boy or girl ran toward and through a cluster of seagulls that dispersed and then reassembled, landing more or less back in the order they were before, or ran a kite up on the back of the surf’s steady breeze, and watched it dip and twirl and defy gravity for that magical moment in time, then you’ll know this scene well. 
If you’re lucky, somewhere along the way, you’ll have seen a hatchling break out of its shell and scurry its way to the water’s edge, into the surf. 
Then it’s gone.  
Where that turtle goes or when it returns, nobody knows.
What we do know is that the force to both make it to shore and then back out again, into the surf, is strong.  
You can feel that strength everytime you go.
Remember that the beach is home to the gulls and other shore birds.  Us humans are just visitors.  It’s inappropriate to disturb them whenever we can avoid it.  More images of creatures great and small can be viewed at the Camera Critters website.
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