“Blue” Friday, not black

Talk about piling even more on a loaded Thanksgiving Day plate!

Not two football games, but three?

Rooting for watersheds
is the way to go!

Isn’t it true that so often we default to sports to define who we are as a community? And isn’t it so that in some mystical sense our sports do bring us together in one stadium – under one roof, or in the open air as it may be – at Miami Dolphin’s home turf, or Sun Life Stadium as it is so named – to root on that intangible yet tribally ingrained entity known as “our side?”

The best seat in the house is of course in your own house in front of the TV. Who wants to fight through traffic to see from 200 feet away (if you’re lucky) what you can view in the high definition comfort of your own living room with super slow motion, instant replay and camera angles galore delight?

But why not cheer for our watersheds instead?

And I don’t mean sitting in front of the TV to do so. There’s any number of trails, water ways, overlooks, and country corridors ready and waiting for us to see and experience them first hand. After all, it’s our watersheds which define us as a community most. And the waters that run through them in the form of the water cycle are its pulse.

Who needs a seat in a pricey sport stadium
when you can sit for free a perfectly good
cypress dome instead?

Forget about Black Friday …

Get out and ride the water cycle instead!

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