Bouncing thermometer

Here’s a “bouncing” graph showing the daily “high and low temperature” bands for Naples Florida and Fargo Minnesota.

Why is it bouncing?

Hint: it has nothing to do with basketball,

Rather, its bouncing because Fargo is so cold … Or is it because Naples is so warm? Probably a little of both!

One thing is for sure: it’s been an unusually cold start of the summer for Minnesotans (… not that they can’t handle it):

Meteorologist Daryl Ritchison reports in his Storm Tracker blog that Fargo recently spent 5 consecutive days below the 60º F mark – a first for June. Even more telling has been the absence of tornadoes. All that cold air has pushed the traffic along tornado alley further south.

The tell-tale line for me is the 70º F mark.

That line is shown by the light orange band on the “bouncing” graph.

Here in Naples we’re in our 5-month stretch where not even nightly temperatures drop below the mark. Come winter, day-time temperatures usually find a way above 70, even if night-time lows drop into the 50s and 60s.

Compare that to the Fargo.

Daytime highs only manage to break the 70º F mark for 3 short months (plus an Indian summer) … after that’s it’s a steep plunge back into the Canadian freeze.

But Minnesotans are to cold and snow what Floridians are to heat and humidity …

Even if they do relish the warm weeks of a fleeting summer the same as we do our ephemeral blasts of winter.

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